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Your Time is Valuable. Spend less of it managing release notes.

Introducing a no-code, no-config solution aimed at providing release notes for every repository across your organization. Share product updates with zero developer effort, featuring automatic versioning, Slack updates, and fully editable release notes.

  • Works with every Github pull request, no extra effort or config
  • Easily generate release notes for every repository in the same format
  • Seamless integration with existing Github workflows
  • Custom reports and templates keep everyone informed
  • Slack integration communicates every update to your entire team
  • Always know exactly when features hit production
  • Search, filter, and export changes across multiple releases and projects without breaking a sweat
  • Fully editable via the web to keep your release notes useful for key stakeholders
  • Bring open-source style server releases and shared collaboration across teams and projects
  • Support for Github and Github Enterprise teams
  • Preserve historical records of every release and easily search for code you shipped last month, last quarter, or last year

What Happy Customers Say

Why We Use Next Release

Next Release was so easy to setup and once you set it up, then it's automatic after that. No more having to generate changelogs manually by command line or any other tools. It's just done for you! This makes my life so much easier to see what's going to be deployed before a deployment happens. It's also nicely organized by sections, such as Features, Improvements, and Bugs. It's made the deployment process a really great experience. Kudos to Next Release!

Christine Clark

Lead Engineer, Zencase

In the past, it took a ton of time to sift through everyone's pull requests to determine what work has been completed. Next Release has not only saved this time, but has also significantly improved our ability to keep both the development team as well as others in the company aware of which bugs have been fixed and which new features have been added.

Sarah Daily

Senior UI Engineer, Deliver My Ride

Keeping up with every change across tens of projects and informing customers when updates they wanted were pushed into production was near impossible. With Next Release integrated now versioning, customer notification, and internal updates are seamless and I can focus my time on growing ESG by helping more customers get their MVPs to users faster.

Tyler Wiersing

Senior Software Engineer, ESG, Inc

Three Steps to Automatic Release Notes

authenticate github app

Authenticate Github

We need your permission to generate release notes on your behalf. To see why we need which permissions check out our.

select repositories

Select Repositories

Pick which projects you want automatic release notes for. If you have a lot of projects, hit us up and we’ll help you set them up.


Define Environment

Track releases created against a single branch or if you maintain a branch for each deployed (Staging, QA, Prod) environment.

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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