Next Release creates a release note management platform for top performing organizations. We’re a Detroit based startup serving customers around the world.

We believe in execution and accomplishments over expertise; We care more about how effective you are at translating your existing knowledge into results, and an unwavering drive to continuously improve yourself, bringing more success to the mission.

Our Mission:

Make every product release a success.

Effective communication is critical for companies and employees to be successful. Unfortunately, there is a lot of noise, and it’s hard to determine what really matters. It doesn’t have to be that way.

By helping companies automate capturing the most essential parts of what has been achieved in their most recent product release, we hope to give people the best insights to what has been accomplished and who needs to take action without all the pain. In short, we help people get the feedback they need to increase engagement and action, know where they stand, and reduce the amount of noise and issues that occur with their software releases.

Product releases are the most critical recurring event within an organization.  Our main goal is to make every one a success.

Our Vision:

Documenting releases should be simple, beautiful, and automatic for everyone.

What We Do:

Most releases require days of digging through tickets, slack chats, emails, and requirement management tools to figure out what actually happened, what needs to be validated, and who needs to be informed of what. This pain causes delays and miscommunication, ultimately resulting in late releases, problems making it into production, and upset customers. 

We’re fixing this by making documenting releases simple, beautiful, and automatic for everyone.  Enabling companies to deliver more exceptional products by improving communication between their teams.

Why We Care:

Because better releases means less stress, more time for solving challenging problems, better team relationships, and better companies.

When release documentation is easy, developers develop, product managers engage with customers, QA teams know what needs to be tested, customer support knows what customers need to be prepared for, sales teams are more effective, and marketing knows what’s really going to be launched.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles upon which Next Release was founded and how we strive to conduct our business on a daily basis.

Values establish our view of the world as we shape the future. They determine how we treat each other.  Our values are to:

  • social-2938_fff97109-ad35-4b96-af03-fd13fcf18447
    Team, Teammates, Self: The Narwhal Family

    The Narwhal Family–We put the success and wellbeing of the company above the individual. We put the success and wellbeing of our colleagues above our own.  We are coaches and students not dictators.  We succeed as a team and fail as a team.

  • stars-3001_763de5f8-eede-4760-8629-dacce602e16f
    The 10x Rule: How we see our Work

    The best work is done when you set objectives for yourself that force you to grow to achieve them and then set key results that allow you to measure yourself and continue to aim for the stars. We recognize that greatness takes grit and only comes to those who think and act ten times larger than their competition.

    We work to define our objectives, track our progress on how we measure success, and keep persisting after everyone else has gone home and nobody is watching. It is our duty to achieve success for our teammates.

  • messaging-app-4876_473fc710-9ecc-4785-9e78-8c9f00ae9498
    Radical Transparency: How we see Ourselves

    We know that having a false sense of reality is the quickest way to demise. That is why we live radically transparent and consciously reject silos and barriers. Knowing the reality of the here and now is a superpower that enables every team member to most effectively support the company, help their team members grow, and know where they need to be improving themselves.

  • flag-2979_1fd1d414-4b4f-4887-a94a-493ba8e0b0c7
    What’s Next: How we see the World

    We have an unyielding passion to grow, to improve, and to find new opportunities to help others.  Once we meet an objective, we view it as having won the opportunity to play the game again and find new horizons we can cross.