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Access Permissions

We treat each customer’s project as if it contains the most sensitive of our own data.

We treat each customer’s project as if it contains the most sensitive of our own data. Every customer is putting their trust in us and looking for us to exceed their expectations on transparency and security. To live up to this expectation below you’ll find a breakdown of what the permissions we ask for are and why we need them.

Permissions & Rational


Repository Permissions

Checks (Read & Write)

We will be migrating our status checks to the Check Run API to provide better visibility and more functionality for some features we will be shipping shortly.

Content References (Read & Write)

We use this permission to attach content loaded into nextrelease.com onto release notes.

Contents (Read & Write)

This is a very sensitive permission, but one we need to:

  • Access specific git hashes to create releases
  • Manage a changelog file
  • Add tags to your repository
  • Read specific branches

We treat this data extremely sensitively, encrypting our database, and limiting access to any of your data.

Issues (Read Only)

We read issues to gather data to populate your release notes.

Metadata (Read Only)

We utilize metadata about your repositories to list collaborators and access your repository via the GitHub API.

Pull Requests (Read & Write)

We read and create pull requests to both generate your release notes and to create "release" and changelog pull requests

Commit Statuses (Read & Write)

We use this information to manage our checkruns and issues surrounding releases.

Organization Permissions

Membership (Read Only)

We allow our users to let anyone who is a member of their Github Organization access data in Next Release if instead of managing specific invites and permissions.

Team Discussions (Read & Write)

This is a new feature in Github and we have some new functionality coming soon (TM)...