How It Works

Send Targeted Release Notes to your Team and Customers.

Send out tailored release notes that show
off just how awesome your product is.

Your time is valuable, so don’t spend it compiling and trying to communicate changes for your upcoming release. Let Next Release take care of that for you.  Whether you need to notify the team down the hall or hundreds of active users, we make it easier than ever to get your release notes out in front of your audiences.


Engineering & QA

Rely on Next Release to:

  • Automatically generate a tailored, specific list of what’s in each environment
  • Ensure great PR title quality
  • Work in your Github workflow with easy installation, status checks, and PR reviews
  • Offer automatic, semantic versioning between releases, plus traceability from release notes to pull requests and code changes
  • Automatically email colleagues with product updates, with whatever details you deem important, and however often you’d like.

Sales & Support

  • Validate the fixes impacting customers shipped  in each environment
  • Know exactly when features have hit production so you’re able to update stakeholders, any time.
  • Showcase your team’s unique personality and style with videos, emojis, and gifs– all while adhering to release notes best practices

Product & Leadership

  • Provide a constantly up-to-date list of your product’s most important changes so you’re able to brief everyone from your Board of Directors to major clients– all at a moment’s notice
  • Know exactly which features, fixes, and updates are in staging and which are in prod
  • Deliver crisp, clean summaries as often as you’d like (no more bugging your engineers constantly to compile and communicate updates)
  • Ensure updates are ready to be thoughtfully socialized to demonstrate your team’s hard work to colleagues, stakeholders, and customers