Automatic Release Notes

How Next Release Works

A great set of release notes in the hands of both your team and customers will help your release cycles run more smoothly and efficiently.

Install Next Realase

Install Next Release

Install the Next Release App in your Github personal or team account. It takes three clicks to setup your first project, then you’re off to create your first Release.

Install Next Relase

Make Pull Requests

Make a pull request to change code in your repository and Next Release will automatically add the details in your Release Notes.

Install Next Relase

Make Pull Requests, Get Automatic Updates

As your team makes additional pull requests, Next Release automatically categorizes and adds them to the release notes. These are available to edit, remove, and add additional entries, and provide a custom summary.

Share release notes

Publish Your Work

Once you’ve completed all your code changes for the release and edit your notes, Next Release will automatically draft a release and tag your repository. (With support for changelog and version publishing coming soon!)

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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