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April's Product Update from Next Release

Write Code, Not Reports

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Donald Wasserman
Donald Wasserman

Apr 30, 2020

Write Code, Not Reports!

We shipped a number of features making it dead simple to communicate changes across every project:

Custom Emails

When you’re in the middle of sprint and your boss needs to know what API changes got shipped last week, you can have an answer in just a few seconds.

From any report detail page, you can now send custom emails with your release notes for that release.

If you need some more options download the release notes here, or manually send a slack notification to the team you’ve configured.

You can also see any drafts you have pending for that report right inline.

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Custom Recurring Reports

If you're tired of sending status updates and writing the same weekly, post-sprint or monthly release emails by hand, Next Release Reports have what you need.

From the Reports tab, you can create your first automated report. You have several options of how to make our report templates fit your needs.

You can:

  • Add a custom name and description that are used as your subject line and custom text in your email
  • Define which project’s releases you want to include in these reports (you can select as many as you want)
  • Configure custom email lists to ensure the right people get these updates
  • Determine how often you want to send the reports

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Slack Notification

If your team uses Slack, you can configure which releases get posted to which channel when they’re published. Slack is our way of giving everyone just-in-time information, and once you’ve authorized our integration, it couldn’t be easier to setup.

On your project settings page, click the “notifications” tab to manage which channels receive Slack updates for this project. You can also resend a Slack message to the project’s channel from the release detail page.

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