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Next Release is proud to support open-source projects

Supporting Open Source Projects

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Donald Wasserman

Jul 1, 2020

We've built Next Release to bring many of our favorite parts of the open-source software development process to organizations of all sizes.

We want to clarify our pricing for open-source projects and highlight many of the features that can benefit open-source teams.

Free Usage for Any Public Repository

We've updated our pricing to make all public repositories free with Next Release. Any public repository you add to Next Release won't count toward a billing plan.

Automatic Changelog Management

With a flip of a toggle, Next Release will automatically update you're changelog with your automatically built release notes. No more scripts to manage!

Tag and Publish Releases

By default, Next Releases uses your pull requests to categorize and version your releases with SemVer, automatically creating a customizable version tag and publishing a Github Release.

Custom Repository Events

We also dispatch custom events back your repository via Github's repository_dispatch. You can use this to handle building artifacts, updating documentation sites, or publishing to package registries.

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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