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Making choices fields better with very little effort

Replacing Our Django Choices With Enums

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Donald Wasserman
Donald Wasserman

Apr 23, 2020

Adding Autocomplete For Choice Fields Without Really Trying

The Next Release backend is written with Django Rest Framework, and since we started using python 3.6, we've been gradually adding type annotations and dataclasses for some of our key data structures.

Enums are something I've wanted from the Django ecosystem: the added developer experience of autocomplete and ability to change labels without changing the underlying data is an important improvement.

For Django fields that include Choices, this is particularly evident. When you don't use a field or specific choice often. It's a pain to look-up the model definition to see what all the choices are.

When using a field typed with the Choices class, when referencing the choices in your code, most editors (in my case PyCharm professional), only give autocomplete suggestions to the Choice class itself:

When using choices autocomplete is not good

Here's how we can switch our choice definitions to native Enums:

  1. Import the base Enum class
  2. Wrap it in your own custom class with a class method of .choices()
  3. Extend that class when defining choice fields
  4. Live life more enjoyably

Let's define the class

from enum import Enum

class AbstractChoiceEnum(str, Enum):
  def choices(cls):
      return [
          (member.value, name.capitalize())
          for name, member in cls.__members__.items()

The .choices() method iterates over all of the values of the enum and returns the familiar Choices (value, label) set of tuples. Here's how you use it in practice:

class UseBetterEnums(AbstractChoiceEnum):
  YES = 'yes'
  NO = 'no'
  UNSURE = 'unsure'

class MyModel:
  UseBetterEnums = UseBetterEnums  # I Like to include it on the model for easy reference
  use_enums = models.CharField(max_length=12, choices=UseBetterEnums.choices())

Now, when referencing your choice options, your editor can provide great suggestions like: Using Enums provide awesome suggestions

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