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Create a Feedback Loop with Your Community

Building Your Community Around Release Notes On Twitter

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Devon Bleibtrey
Devon Bleibtrey

Oct 8, 2020

Working to support and grow the community your team focuses on, is one of many growth channels and a way to gather feedback quickly from people who benefit most from your offerings. Whether they’re customers, prospects, or just members of the community, helping those in your niche creates a feedback loop.

This feedback loop requires consistent action from your team, publishing helpful articles, answering questions, sharing lessons learned, and posting release notes outlining new developments are a few of the key connection points to build around. By helping to foster a healthy community with interactions like these, you help build your brand as a supporter of the community, improve your search engine ranking performance, gain valuable insights into what the community needs, and quickly determine what the community does not want.

If you’re an established brand and have the resources to build out your own community portal, more power to you. If you coordinate events for your community, consistently publish content, and engage with them on platforms like Slack, building your own space on your website, like the Gremlin team, can act as the nucleus to coordinate information sharing around.

If you’re just starting and have less bandwidth, it’s easier to start engaging your target community on a platform they already use, such as Twitter. Twitter has a wide variety of communities and is where many software developers and product managers like to interact with others and the products they use. That’s why teams like GitHub, Heroku, and others use Twitter to publish all of their release notes.

The proof is in the metrics. Nielsen Brand Effect did a study from 2015-2018, which found that teams using Twitter to engage their community, on average saw:

  • +18% Message Association
  • +8% Brand Awareness
  • +7% Brand Preference
  • +3% Purchase Intent

Creating A Reinforcing Loop With Your Community on Twitter

Engaging your community on Twitter gives you a perfect forum to share:

  • Product Updates
  • Upcoming Events
  • Relevant Articles, Studies, Keynotes, and News
  • Objectives and Achievements

Sharing this information on Twitter allows you to:

  • Gather Feedback From Customers
  • Tackle Negative Feedback Transparently
  • Grow Your Customer Base & Surrounding Community
  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Drive Conversions & Move Prospects Further Into Your Funnel

It can be challenging to balance consistent interactions with your community with product development, sales, and building of other marketing channels. That’s why we’re working on improving our Twitter integration so that your team can automatically publish product updates to their community. These release notes serve as a conversation starter showcasing what you’ve been working on and giving customers and prospects new relevant content to connect with. They enable you to showcase your priorities and continually connect with customers throughout your launch.

If you’re looking for additional information on engaging your community on Twitter or best practices for doing a release on Twitter, here are some great blog posts:

Let us know how we can better help you and your team communicate with your community.

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