Reduce DevOps Overhead on RESTful API Development

Django REST Framework Sponsorship

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Devon Bleibtrey

Jun 22, 2020

Utilizing frameworks helps reduce change failure rates, increase deployment rates, and eliminate maintenance overhead associated with reworking the wheel. These gains are especially true when building an interface for your application that others can utilize to engage with your system. Managing things such as authentication, authorization, endpoint documentation, data serialization, throttling, and pagination are challenging and easy to get wrong. We consistently turn to Django’s REST Framework (DRF) to handle these activities for us. Relying on the framework allows us to focus our efforts on the tools and solutions that bring value to our customers.

DRF helps to improve ours and many of our customer’s core DevOps metrics while providing us with robust functionality, which is why we’re proud to be a monthly sponsor of Tom Christie and the project. Here are the project’s latest progress and release notes.

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