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Manage Subscriptions Through GitHub

Release Notes in the GitHub Marketplace

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Devon Bleibtrey
Devon Bleibtrey

Aug 5, 2020

We’re on GitHub Marketplace! If you’re looking to manage your subscription through the GitHub marketplace, you can now find us through it :D. We’re the only Github release note generator that doesn’t require any code modifications and provides you with automated release notes, version management, git tagging, and changelog file updates.

Automatic Release Drafter

After you setup Next Release through our site or GitHub Marketplace, we’ll start tracking the pull requests for all the projects you indicate you’d like release notes created for. Once pull requests are merged, we’ll draft a release note for you and your team that you can review and edit. This release note will contain information about the changes that have been made and automatically generate a new semantic version.

Version Management

There’s no need to worry about what version your latest release is or figure out which value in your semantic version to increment. We handle all that for you to track releases easily, understand what versions of code are running where, and rollback deployments if an issue makes it into one of your environments.

Git Tag Management

Once you’re happy with the release note, merge in the release pull request, and we’ll generate a git tag using the auto-generated semantic version along with a GitHub Release. This will allow contributors to access each of your releases the same way they’re used to accessing releases in other repositories.

Changelog File Control

If you also want a changelog generated for you that documents your release notes and versions within a file committed to your repository, you can utilize our changelog file manager, it’s live :).

We’ll catch you over at the marketplace!

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