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Adding Prereleases into Your Release Cycle

New Feature: Prerelease Versioning Support For GitHub

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Devon Bleibtrey
Devon Bleibtrey

Nov 3, 2020

We’ve just launched support for prerelease versioning in our GitHub app. Add a label with any of the following names to your release pull request, and we’ll automatically mark that release as a prerelease by updating your semantic version accordingly.

  • alpha
  • beta
  • rc
  • pre

For example, if your release is version 1.1.0 and you add a label named rc, we’ll manage that release as a prerelease and update the version to 1.1.0-rc.1. If you have a second release candidate after deploying rc.1, add the rc label to the next release, and we’ll automatically update it to 1.1.0-rc.2. Once you’ve finished validating your release candidates, leave the additional labels off, and we’ll orchestrate your 1.1.0 release.

We’re incredibly excited to finally support prereleases and simplify using them in your release cycle. For more information, check out our recent blog post on the benefits of using prereleases in your software lifecycle.

Mark Release as a Prerelease

Remove Prerelease Marker From Release

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