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GitHub Release Radar Tag

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Devon Bleibtrey
Devon Bleibtrey

Nov 1, 2020

Using tags when posting your release notes to Twitter lets you share your notes in specific content streams that other users monitor and subscribe to. Some of these content streams allow you to engage with your community members and new groups. GitHub has a tag, #GHReleaseRadar, dedicated to monitoring software releases. By including this tag in your release note posts, your updates are sent to GitHub's teams for entry into their monthly Release Radar post. Their team takes their favorite updates and writes up a short story about the update like they did in their 2020 September Edition.

Entering your releases into the competition is a great way to prospect for additional exposure and keep the GitHub team engaged with the updates your team is pushing out. To make it even simpler to enter to win inclusion in their blog post, we've added a setting that lets you automatically include #GHReleaseRadar in every release note you publish to Twitter.

To enable this setting, go to the project you'd like to include the tag in Twitter posts on. Navigate into that project's settings, select Notifications, and click the slider to the right of "Enable GitHub Release Radar Tag".

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