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Including JIRA Ticket Information in Your Release Notes

Beta Release: JIRA Integration Support

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Devon Bleibtrey
Devon Bleibtrey

Jan 23, 2021

We're excited to announce that we're transitioning our JIRA integration to open beta. Thanks to all the teams who participated in the alpha last year and provided so much feedback!

You can start using this feature today by entering your JIRA instance information into your organization’s settings.

JIRA Organization Settings

Once you've enrolled, the Next Release platform will analyze all of your team's commits and pull requests for references to JIRA tickets. If a connection is found, the system will prioritize using the JIRA ticket's summary and description to document the change in your release notes over the pull request title that is normally used.

JIRA Change Integration Example

If multiple people reference the same ticket, the platform will ensure that the information is only communicated once in your release notes. This helps to alleviate noise that can be caused by highly focused pull requests and commit messages that build on others to complete a feature or fix a bug.

Notes on the JIRA Beta

  • The beta integration supports JIRA cloud instances
  • For server and data center JIRA deployments, please contact us about our enterprise integrations
  • If you use custom fields instead of the default summary and description fields in tickets, please contact us for custom configuration support

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