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The Lazy Developer's Guide To Easier Pull Requests

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Donald Wasserman
Donald Wasserman

May 16, 2020

When I first read about Github's cli tool, my first thought was "uhh... isn't that just like...git?"

But as so often happens, I was dead wrong. The Github CLI is one of the more transformational tools I use on a daily basis since using Prettier for auto-code formatting.

The Github CLI lets you immediately create pull requests and manage issues from your terminal, where you already likely are to manage branches and committing code.

Once you're ready to make your pull request, the cli provides an interactive command to generate your pull request:

gh pr create --label bug

You can follow the interactive prompts to add your PR title, body, as well as assignees and reviewers:

On a mac, it's an easy command + oauth redirect to setup:

 brew install github/gh/gh

At Next Release, we're all zsh users, so here are a few helpful aliases we use to make adding labels even easier:

alias submit-patch='gh pr create --label bug'
alias submit-minor='gh pr create --label enhancement'
alias submit-major='gh pr create --label breaking'

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