Why we replatformed to Gatsby

Building New Brochure Site

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Feb 4, 2020

If you're reading this, you're reading our newly replatformed brochure site. This is certainly not news!

However, I wanted to share how this fits in with our thoughts on how products should be built and small, bootstrap projects ought to invest their time.

When we think about building out this project, we really focused on delivering value for our customers without getting bogged down into things that are fun, but maybe not the most highest leverage.

One technology we wanted to explore was Gatsby. It's a blazing-fast static site-generator based on build-time rendering React.

When we launched, we wanted to get off the ground quickly, so used a technology we knew well and could get out the door quickly, without too much thought.

Now that we're in a more advanced space, we wanted to better show off Next Release as a tool, so we decided to rebuild our landing page, blog, and help center in Gatsby. Here's some of things we think it will unlock

Why We Did It

Show off Some New Features

We're working on building out the abilitiy to host your own changelog or with a Next Release hosted solution. We'll be showing off some more here!

Work In Public-Ish

No one wants to sit through a boring demo or video to see how anything works. Open-sourcing this repo let's us show off how Next Release works by just pointing them to the brochure site!

More Customizable Landing Pages

We needed to build out some landing pages that are more custom, with different dynamic content to show off

Faster Page Rendering

Who doesn't want faster page rendering?

Stay tuned here for some more exciting news!

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