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Publish Your Release Notes to Slack

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Devon Bleibtrey
Devon Bleibtrey

Aug 6, 2020

Keeping internal teams up to date with what has changed and which features or fixes are coming down the pipeline is one of the most difficult challenges faced by growing organizations. As teams scale from a couple of developers to hundreds, within cross-functional teams, the difficulty of keeping everyone on the same page grows exponentially. Using tools like JIRA or Asana to track tasks adds a lot of overhead to lean organizations and can quickly cause ticket graveyards to develop.

To avoid slowing down teams, we recommend using tools such as JIRA to track objectives, their measurements of success, and ongoing experiments being conducted to achieve those objectives. That way, teams can consolidate efforts around the organization's core objectives and track the velocity of reaching business goals.

So how do you keep everyone updated on the changes that are happening to the product without taking the time to create a ticket for every mod? Publish your automated release notes to Slack. This approach adds zero overhead to teams making modifications to the product, notifies others of upcoming changes in a forum everyone has access to, allows for conversations to take place around the notes, and provides direct links to the actual changes if anyone has further questions.

You can start publishing your release notes into Slack by using the Next Release Slack Integration.

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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