Tired of managing release notes? We’re here to help.

A no-code, no-config solution aimed at providing release notes for every repository across your organization. Share product updates with zero developer effort, featuring automatic versioning, Slack updates, and fully editable release notes.

Open Source Inspired, Enterprise Ready
  • Bring open-source style server releases and shared collaboration across teams and projects
  • Support for Github and Github Enterprise teams
  • Preserve historical records of every release and easily search for code you shipped last month, last quarter, or last year
Share Changes Instantly
  • Custom reports and templates keep everyone informed
  • Slack integration communicates every update to your entire team
  • Always know exactly when features hit production
  • Search, filter, and export changes across multiple releases and projects without breaking a sweat
  • Fully editable via the web to keep your release notes useful for key stakeholders
Automatic Release Notes
  • Works with every Github pull request, no extra effort or config
  • Easily generate release notes for every repository in the same format
  • Seamless integration with existing Github workflows

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