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Next Release

Automatic Release Notes

How It Works

Consistent release notes for every change, every pull request

  • Works with every Github pull request, no extra effort or config
  • Easily generate release notes for every repository in the same format
  • Seamless integration with existing Github workflows

Amazing Results, Zero Effort

Next Release works with your existing GitHub workflows: Write code, make a pull request, run checks, then merge. There's no additional developer effort beyond using your existing labels!

Don't waste your time hand-crafting bespoke release notes by searching through Jira, Slack, and Slack. Next Release will automatically add your release notes directly to GitHub. You can easily export them to markdown, slack, or even word documents.

Every pull request is recorded and automatically added to your release notes. With just a few configuration options you can change which labels we use and how your release notes are organized. Next Release will also version, tag, and create a release for you in your repository and GitHub.

Automatic Releases in GitHub

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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