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Socialize Your Releases

How It Works

Transparency between you and the people using your products and services

  • Gather immediate feedback from active users
  • Drive adoption of new features
  • Promote verification of bug fixes
  • Spread news of releases to other users and different communities
  • Increase the quality of traffic coming to their changelog

Communicate Updates

Keep your users current on all the changes you and your team are making to your product. Join hundreds of other teams who already share their release notes on their favorite social networks by enabling one of our integrations like Twitter.

Twitter Integration

Gather Feedback

Recruit beta users for new features, give people a place to comment on bug fixes and interact with customers about their thoughts on the update. Every engagement on your release adds to the chances of your update going viral.

Build & Maintain Your Community

Foster a healthy community built on communication and transparency. Give your members a public location to easily interact with you using a platform they're already using.

How It Works

  • Select the project you want release notes shared from
  • Enable the social network integrations to post notes to
  • Select the style you'd like used for your posts

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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