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Next Release

Open Source Inspired, Enterprise Ready

How It Works

Ready for teams of every size

  • Bring open-source style server releases and shared collaboration across teams and projects
  • Support for Github and Github Enterprise teams
  • Preserve historical records of every release and easily search for code you shipped last month, last quarter, or last year

Works for your team, big, small, or somewhere in between!

Whether your key stakeholders are sales and support teams, other engineers, clients or users of your open source project, keeping them informed with what releases you've shipped is more important now than ever.

Next Release provides teams with a centralized dashboard of all your release notes across every repository, in a centralized dashboard.

With integrated slack notifications, your fully editable release notes are generated automatically, with a consistent format, giving leaders the insights to see what has shipped across teams.

Perfect for bigger teams, who use multi-service, multi-repository environments, Next Release will give you the confidence to easily share changes across your engineering, sales, and support teams.

With built in editing, and highly configurable editing, you can directly send these release notes to leadership with zero effort.

Automatic Releases in GitHub

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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