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Getting Started With Reports

Getting Started With Reports

If you're tired of sending status updates and writing the same weekly, post-sprint or monthly release emails by hand, Next Release Reports have what you need.

From the Reports tab, you can create your first automated report. You have several options of how to make our report templates fit your needs.

Create Reports With Next Release

Name and Description

The name and description get translated to the subject line and an introductory section of the email to give your readers more context about why they are getting this email.

Select Multiple Projects

This Report Template can include multiple projects you want. For example, you may want to create one report for your engineering team that includes changes to the frontend and API, but another one for the marketing team that includes changes to the Brochure Site and frontend apps.

Automatic Sending

You can configure your reports to automatically send when they get created (either on release or via a fixed time period) or they can send as draft for your review before sending.

Create Custom Lists

You can create and manage custom email lists with Next Release to help you organize and manage how you share reports across your team or external stakeholders. You can create and edit your lists here on your report detail page or on the dedicated email page.

Manage Email Lists

Publish Frequency

Here you can determine how often and when to publish your reports:

  • On Release Publishes every time you publish a release on any of your tracked projects
  • Weekly Sends the report with the weekly changes for every project on Sunday evening
  • Bi-Weekly Same as weekly, just every other week
  • Monthly Same as the others, just monthly

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