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Automatic Release Notes In GitHub

Next Release automatically generates release notes and changelogs, unlocking knowledge about your team’s work by automatically distributing your application’s changes to sales, support, clients, and more! With only 3 clicks (and an OAuth redirect), your team can start automatically generating release notes that include details of who shipped which features.  Plus, automatically send them to Slack, email, or Word documents. Done and done.

Get Notes In No Time

Follow your GitHub repository from Next Release and get your first release notes in no time with no custom code or modifications to your build environment, thanks to Next Releases automatic pull request label analyzer and note generator.

Send Targeted Notes to Your Teams

Define any number of unique audiences you want to notify about updates. Simply define how you would like them to be notified and which projects they should get updated on. We’ll take care of the rest.

Support All Languages, Toolchains, and Deployment Environments

Whatever programming language, build toolchain, or platform you’re deploying into, Next Release will build you professional, organized release notes.

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