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Why Keep Release Notes

Why Keep Release Notes

Release notes are the single, unified way of sharing your product changes with anyone, regardless of their position and technology stack. Release notes let you communicate, manage, and track your releases without endless back and forth and with little effort by those who need to find out what shipped.

Communicate Changes to Everyone

Whether you work among multiple cross functional teams or in a highly siloed organization, release notes are how you share exactly what other teams need to know. You can be using completely different toolchains from your peers and still get the updates you need to understand what actions your team needs to take.


If you’re developing services, release notes are your way to tell other teams what changes you’ve made to your interfaces.

QA Teams

If you’re on a quality assurance team, release notes are your way to understand what other teams are expecting you to test and where you can find the updates.

Sales/Customer Support

Even sales and customer support rely on release notes to understand what is available to customers and which bugs have been fixed.

Your Customers

Just as with internal teams, release notes are your means to notify and showcase your latest updates to your customers. Allowing them to understand what bugs have been fixed and which new features are ready for them to utilize. It doesn't matter if your product is an open source package, an autonomous vehicle, or a mobile game; customers expect you to tell them what’s in the new release and why they should be downloading it.

Manage Releases

Managing multiple systems can be a nightmare. Keeping release notes sheds light on which systems and services are compatible with others, which updates create breaking changes that others must react to, and enables teams to identify which releases should be in what environments. Release notes reduce the chance of integration issues that plague even simple applications, and help teams to quickly identify holes and issues that otherwise wouldn’t have been caught until validation tests started, saving valuable time and resources.


Whether you’re deploying one release a month or a release an hour, having a historical record of what was deployed when, is critical. Release notes give you a record to report up the chain what’s been done recently and how those changes have been communicated to customers. Having release notes enable development teams to quickly identify when certain code was launched, improving their ability to react to issues and deploy patches.

Release Note Partner

We’re here to help you make every release a success and we know that starts with managing your release notes. Whether you already have a strategy for managing your release notes or are just getting started, Next Release makes it simple to automate your release note pipeline. From creation to distribution we’ll keep every one of your stakeholders informed of what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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