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Release Metrics For Retrospectives & Analysis

Release Metrics For Retrospectives & Analysis
  • Understand how your latest releases impacted the metrics that matter to you
  • Availability and performance prognostics


Every change your team deploys to production is an attempt to move the needle on a business objective, whether that's increased customer usage, reduced system overhead, faster load times, or improved conversion on upselling items. That's why in every Performance Release Note, we include how those changes impacted your company's top priority key results.

To accomplish this, we coordinate with you and your team every quarter to review which metrics matter the most to you and gain access to tools you are using to measure those results or setup the tooling necessary to track them. We then incorporate how these metrics are trending from release to release so you and your team can have all the metrics you care about in a singular easy to access a place that you can share with others.

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