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Showcase of Release Changes

Showcase of Release Changes
  • Visually communicate feature capabilities or issue resolutions
  • Enhance relationships with your team and customers through human engagement
  • Identify issues before they create problems for the entire team


When everyone on the team is moving fast, it's challenging to keep up with all the features and bug fixes that are flowing into different environments. Pull requests help indicate what exactly changed, but it can be tough to comprehend, especially when you're not a developer. We see teams overcome this by adding screenshots of the new features into their pull requests and release notes, but it can be easy to overlook issues when only taking a snapshot. That's why our Performance Notes include a video walkthrough showcasing what has changed for every release. These videos:

  • Rapidly find bugs before you release changes to production
  • Help developers root cause issues by providing step by step guides on what happened during the walkthrough
  • Increase engagement and alignment with stakeholders by telling a story about what changed
  • Validate changes and deliver content for sales demonstrators, customer support inquiries, and marketing
  • Supplement traceability and proof of testing to comply with industry standards and regulations such as ISO 26262


Based on your team's structure, we have a couple of ways of integrating showcases. Our recommended approach is that we provide the team members making changes the ability to take the videos and submit them for integration into the Performance Release Notes. By having them generate the videos, it helps to shorten the feedback loop on bug fixes while also allowing them to put their personal touch on what they are releasing. The developers we work with tend to like this approach the most since they get to show off their work. It often replaces delays caused by traditional sprint retrospectives, where team members had to wait until the end of the sprint to showcase their hard work.

If that approach doesn't work for you, we also provide a white glove approach where we act as a quality assurance extension. We'll partner with your developers to understand what has changed in a given release, record a showcase of those features, provide them with feedback on what did and didn't work, and publish a finalized video once they are ready to release it. This process has the added benefit of having a third party testing out the feature as if they were a sales executive or customer success representative and providing faster feedback to those working on the changes.

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