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Customized Release Documentation per Stakeholder

Customized Release Documentation per Stakeholder
  • Increase engagement with new releases
  • Reduce overhead of answering questions from other teams
  • Showcase measurements of metrics that matter, to those they matter to

There are a thousand perspectives for every release. How does a frontend change impact those working on the backend, how does a new feature impact sales pitches and demos, or how will a bug fix affect customer relations? Each stakeholder has different concerns they're focused on, which is why we provide you with a one-pager per stakeholder for every release that delivers the information that matters to them.

Evangelizing changes to the right stakeholders in a way that relates to them and focuses on what matters to them is time-consuming but critical. Our tailored one-pagers allow stakeholders to quickly zero in on what changes in an upcoming release affect them and enable them to engage on the topics that matter to them immediately.

Automatic Release Notes. Zero Effort.

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