Performance Notes

Tools For High-Performing Teams

You need to understand how changes are impacting your product, team, and organization’s performance. Integrate with your existing tools to get release notes visually showing key changes and highlighting outcomes.

Release System Health Report
  • Lead time for changes
  • Deployment frequency
  • Time to restore service
  • Change failure rate
Showcase of Release Changes
  • Visually communicate feature capabilities or issue resolutions
  • Enhance relationships with your team and customers through human engagement
  • Identify issues before they create problems for the entire team
Release Metrics For Retrospectives & Analysis
  • Understand how your latest releases impacted the metrics that matter to you
  • Availability and performance prognostics
Customized Release Documentation per Stakeholder
  • Increase engagement with new releases
  • Reduce overhead of answering questions from other teams
  • Showcase measurements of metrics that matter, to those they matter to

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