Our Commitment

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    Never store any of your code
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    Never sell your data
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    Never use permissions without letting you know why we need them and how we’re using them

Release Note Generation

  • Pull Request Label Analysis
  • Issue Label Analysis

GitHub Permissions Required:

  • Read Repository Contents (Commits, Pull Requests)
  • Read Pull Requests (Labels)
  • Read Issues (Labels)
  • Read Pull Requests (Comments)
  • Read Pull Requests (Merges)

When/Why is it Required?

Read Repository Contents

To determine who partook in developing a given piece of functionality or bug fixes we look at all the commits that are going into a release so that we can check if they’d like to review the upcoming release and give them props for the accomplishment.

Read Pull Request (Labels)

To make it easy to categorize which sections you want each Pull Request & Issue put under we read your labels and allow you to drag and drop them under their respective header.

We monitor labels to determine what categories a pull request should be listed under your Release Notes.

Read Issues (Labels)

We’re still working on the issue analysis engine but we ask for this permission as it’s one of our upcoming features to look at issues that were closed since your last release and use this information to make even better and more accurate release notes.

Read Pull Requests (Comments)

We measure success by how effectively the release notes we’re generating for you are communicated with your team. To track engagement we listen for comments so that we can keep you informed on how a release is received and so that we can improve how make your release experience more effective.

Read Pull Requests (Merges)

We track merge statuses to determine what is currently in a given environment so that we can best inform you of what is where and who still needs to take action on a release.

Define Release Strategy

GitHub Permissions Required:

  • Read Repository (Branches)

When/Why is it Required?

Display existing branches and allow user to select/express their release strategy.

Auto Draft Release; Pull Request Generation

GitHub Permissions Required:

  • Write Pull Request

GitHub Permissions Optional:

  • Write Pull Request (Requested Reviewers)

When/Why is it Required?

Write Pull Requests

Needed to enable automatically creating release pull requests. 

Write Pull Request (Requested Review)

We use this permission to notify everyone that takes part in a release that they should take one more look at their work before a release get’s cut.

Release Note Status Checks

GitHub Permissions Required:

  • Write Commit Statuses

When/Why is it Required?

Write Commit Statuses

We update statuses pull requests to help you and your team to remember to label Pull Requests and to assist you in root causing potential issues with your notes.